Private Tours


Zigzag with me across the inner city and learn how the Hungarian secret police (ÁVO) tried to honeytrap, blackmail and compromise American diplomats and their Hungarian contacts during the dark days of Communism. Feel the history that is still with us behind the renovated facades and trendy shopwindows.

  • True spy stories about real people told in the very locations they happened
  • ÁVO surveillance photos and pictures taken by U.S. diplomats shown at each location
  • Major scenes of the 1956 revolution: where it started, and where it was fought
  • Friendly guide sharing his own personal research
  • All this in the heart of beautiful Budapest

We will meet at Szabadság tér, a symbolic place where the Soviet war memorial still stands right in front of the U.S. Embassy. From there, we will visit various parts of the city on both sides of the Danube, via some of the beautiful landmarks you would not want to miss anyway.


The sinister days of everyday life behind the Iron Curtain will come to life as I will tell you about the surveillance methods and terror tactics of the Hungarian secret police and how the Americans were gathering intelligence despite all of that. We will also uncover the fate of some Hungarians – dissidents, Legation and household employees, social and other contacts of the American diplomats – who got caught up in this specific front line of the Cold War and often paid a heavy price.

The tour is based on my own personal research for an upcoming book about the activities of the American Legation (Embassy) between 1945 and the 1956 Revolution.

Most of what you will hear has not been published anywhere yet.

I also have a huge collection of exclusive photographs taken by the diplomats themselves, and also AVO surveillance photos to show.


The walk takes approximately 3-4 hours, a bit of it uphill to the Buda Castle, but we can stop for a coffee break any time. If you think that such a walk appears be too demanding for your condition, we can take public transport, call a cab or employ a personal driver. If you have any such request, please let me know in advance so we can be prepared.

If you want to personalize your tour in any other way (extra locations etc.), please contact me HERE or write to the email address.

Looking forward to hearing from you.