About Clock Towers and Folk Costumes

Western media reported with utter disbelief about the defence of the two Russians suspected of poisoning a former spy of their own, Sergei Skripal, who claimed they had only gone to Salisbury to see the spire of the local cathedral, "famous for its clock". But what the British Prime Minister's office called "an insult to [...]

When You Are Caught Spying

An American Colonel (attaché of the U.S. Legation in Budapest) on his way to meet one of his contacts, a lieutenant in the Hungarian Air Force shortly after the crushed anti-Soviet revolution of 1956. Little did he know that he was being photographed, and that his "spy contact" was indeed a double agent. Still, his [...]

The sinister history of the CEU building

Nádor Street 9 is now the home of the Central European University (CEU), but the building has a pretty sinister Cold War history. From 1945 this was the HQ of the Supreme Council of Economy (Gazdasági Főtanács), which was an instrumental weapon of the Soviet Union to achieve the economic enslavement of Hungary even before [...]

When the Soviets Shelled the House of a U.S. Diplomat

Ruins of the Castle District after the final Soviet attack on the freedom fighters in 1956. The badly damaged building on the left was U.S. property and at the time belonged to Anton Nyerges, the Press Attache of the U.S. Legation. Already after the first day of heavy fighting, Nyerges found almost all his shirts [...]

Colonel Dallam vs the ÁVH: How They Bugged the Home of the U.S. Air Attaché

62 years ago to this day, the AVH reported that they had successfully bugged the house of Colonel Welwyn Dallam, the U.S. Air Attaché in Budapest. "Following the approved operational plan, yesterday we performed the successful installation of the "IX/8 measure" in the apartment of U.S. Air Attache [Colonel] Welwyn Dallam on September 2, 1955. [...]